Mobile office rentals in Los Angeles: Get the job done

If there’s something you need to do miles away from your spacious, fully equipped office in L.A., you don’t necessarily have to give up comfort. Choose from Quarry mobile offices for rent in Los Angeles to bring amenities to your site and have ready-to-use space for doing the paperwork, going over blueprints, or taking a breather. Our portable structures are ideal for all that and can be delivered to any location in L.A. as monthly rentals.

Quarry makes it simple.

Get Great Service
Call us now for a live representative that understands jobsites and storage. We will help you with the best solution for you.
Get Fast Delivery
Get a storage container the next day. We have 4 locations in LA. We service Long Beach to Santa Clarita. You need a storage container, we will be there.
Get the Best Prices
Because we have yards throughout the city, we have the most efficient operation in town. No need to call a company 20 miles away.


Starting at $299 per month
Get flexbility and storage delivery and picked up when you are done. No need for trucks or to maintain anything!
Benefits include:
Pickup and delivery included
10, 20, 30, 40 foot available
One side or dual sided
Long term discounts available
Container and roll off style
Store on your property or back at our yard


Starting at $9,000
A more permanent solution for you for a long term need. No need to pay monthly fees. It pays for itself over time!
Benefits include:
Pickup or delivered to you available
Can be custom made any size
New or used, all conditions available
Custom colors and logos available
Custom office, concessions, security shacks
Fast delivery
... much more
Custom size for small spaces
10 Foot
No contract
Ideal for a compact space.

Fast delivery, perfect for tight spaces, and affordable.

4 week rental (no contracts)
Pickup and dropoff included
Single or double sided door options
8 ft wide, 10 ft long, 8 ft tall
Next day delivery
Call us to see if this is right for you
Our most popular size!
20 Foot
No Contracts
A perfect average size for a remodel or small storage use

Double the size of the 10 foot container and can fit in most parking spaces and driveways.

4 week rental (no contracts)
Delivery and pickup included
Single or double sided door options
8 ft wide, 8 ft tall, 20 ft long
Next day delivery
Call us to see if this is right for you
The Strandard Storage Container
40 Foot
No contract
Our largest container

The largest container available, anywhere. The perfect size for a big job.

4 week rental (no contract)
Delivery or pickup included
Single or double sided options
8 ft wide, 8 ft tall, 40 feet long
Next day delivery
Learn more by calling us now!

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Los Angeles mobile offices for multiple uses

The only requirement for setting up a Quarry mobile office is that you should have enough site space to set it up. Once installed, our units can be used by:
Construction crews
Oil companies
Emergency response teams
Medical testing teams

Rent a portable mobile office in Los Angeles to have a fully equipped place for your job. Our units have a number of built-in amenities, but you can also add additional features needed for doing what you do, like an extra desk or lighting. Talk the add-ons through with Quarry experts when renting your portable structure.

Our mobile units never disappoint. They are made to meet high durability materials to protect your people from dust and the elements while having features that comply with plumbing, electrical, and other standards for safe use and convenience.

We pride ourselves on service.

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We had a great experience with these guys. I spoke to two different receptionists who were both very polite and helpful. Their fees are very clear (and more reasonable than I was anticipating).
Courtney M
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Literally the best! We had a time crunch and specific dates and times to be dropped off and picked up. They were super friendly and accommodative. I will definitely use again!! Thank you so much guys!
Cynthia C

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